You may be here because you’ve followed me since the beginning of my journey, or maybe because you’ve seen an image of your hair goals, or because I’ve already helped you achieve your dream hair. Nonetheless, get to know me.

  • I was born and raised in Oberlin, Ohio
  • I drink tons of iced coffee and spend most of my time studying my craft or laughing at my own jokes. ⠀
  • I am very much an Aquarius therefore I’m a humanitarian by nature, a lover of positivity and all people.

Before I began my career, I had a major love for extensions & as an artist, color came natural. I began as a self taught extension specialist, now with over 10 years of experience. My love grew even deeper with integrating both extensions and color because of the complete transformation & the overall confidence I see my clients flaunt.

I set myself aside from other stylists by paying attention to detail. Every small aspect sparks me, from clients’ clothing style, their day to day routine, to the colors they’re drawn to. I thoroughly consult with each and every client, whether you’re brand new in my chair or you’re returning and you want “the same as we did the last time”. Each and every service is custom, making your experience as personal as possible. 

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